Settling in!

Here’s something humorous to get things started. How we marked our territory after moving in. Xara (Beagle), by weeing on the carpet in any room she could get into – this went on for about 3 days! Effie (the cat) by curling up in a tight ball in strange places and then refusing to go outside even when she was allowed to. She has now claimed her rightful place on the mat in front of the fire. Miranda by cleaning down the walls – incessantly (open wood lockwood style home, so lots of grooves to hold dust)! Also, by positioning and re-positioning pictures on walls and pretty things on shelves. Kevin, by getting some plants and putting them into the garden even though it is mid-winter and they’re not going to grow much for 6 weeks (also garlic and shallots -Charlottes – have gone in and its the right time for them). Getting the chainsaw going and cutting something down helped a lot too :-).

So, here we are and after a week we’re beginning to feel more settled. not sure yet whether it feels like a “holiday” home or “our” home.

Go well

Kevin, Miranda, Xara & Effie.

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  1. Fantastic guys!! Glad you’re starting to settle 🤗 can’t sit to see the place when we pass by!


  2. Will look forward to seeing you in your new home! We will be back in our house mid March. Currently house sitting in Golden Bay and loving it!


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