Visitors welcome!

Over the first 8 days or so of moving to Rotorua we were graced with visits from three family groups, ranging in age from pre-school, teenage, through to mature adults. It was great to see these families from Auckland and to have the sense that relationships can carry on, even if we do not see each other as often or share activities together so much. We enjoyed showing people around and sharing a bit about our hopes for this place. We also enjoyed, time around the table over a cuppa and some food. We do want to value the relationships which are established and look forward to new ones developing.

As we walked the grounds, weather permitting, a tradition was set. Families were invited to take what they wanted from the citrus trees which have ripening fruit. Bags and pockets were filled. Some of the mandarins didn’t last long! Actually, I’m (Kevin) aware that giving fruit away is also self-serving because there’s plenty here now and there’s the promise of much more to come, so it helps us out because we’d hate to see it get wasted :-).

So, yes we want people to come and visit. In months to come there will be 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 lounges spare which give space for for people to stay in. There’s also turn around space for holiday homes. Basically, we’re saying that loving relationships and generosity are two of the building blocks in our lives going forward.


Kevin & Miranda

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