Rescue Hens

Today we got 4 chooks!  They are brown shavers.  They’ll be roughly 2 years old.  We got them from “free as a bird rescue” . They are ex-cage hens who have been rehabilitated into free-range hens @ $15.00 each (Thanks to Clare Robinson for putting us onto them).  We drove to Whatawhata to get them.  Yes, it would have been quicker and possibly cheaper to buy some pullets locally, but we liked the idea of re-homing these birds, and it provided a chance to have lunch with my sister Kathleen.  We believe they will lay well for a good number of years. 

There was a chook-run here already, so all we had to do was add hens.  They settled in straight away. By dusk they had already scratched up a patch of bare earth and on dark they took themselves off to their hutch to sleep, so they are well adjusted hens! 

Before leaving Howick Presbyterian, I was presented with a bird feeder and instructed that the first 2 hens were to be called Jane and Bronwynn after the staff there.  So, what to call the other 2?  Jane suggests Becca ( her granddaughter) and Gabbi (Bronwynn’s daughter).  I’ll never know who is who but: Jane, Bronwynn, Becca and Gabbi – that’ll do fine.

 Reflection – Setting things up is time consuming – but fun.

In the garden – had a little time to do some pruning of three fruiting cherry trees!  Miranda fixed some fencing to stop Xara from being able to get into the vege garden – yes, our beagle loves veges!

Jene, Bronwynn, Becca and Gabbi settling in.

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