The right tool for the job.

We had this blog ready to send last Friday, but out internet cut out. Such a first-world problem. Anyway, up and running again now. 🙂

When I (Kevin) went to Vancouver, Canada in 2015 for five weeks, the journey of faith (apart from the study leave) was to trust in myself that I could do this in a place which was completely unknown to me.  I had to trust in what God given talents I had, and also in the provision of the opportunities which were before me, so as to not just to survive but actually thrive.  Along with that went the challenge to trust the people around me, like bus drivers, shop attendants and people I met along the way, that when needed they would be there to assist me to achieve what I wanted to do at that time.

In coming to Rotorua, new challenges emerge.  One of the key phrases Miranda is using is: “we need to be resourceful.”  We haven’t lived here for 30+ years.  We haven’t had a lifestyle block before and certainly we’ve never had the size of orchard we are trying to tame before spring.  After about 3-4 stints in the orchard, I thought we had covered about 10% of the pruning which was needed, but it was overwhelming.  The chainsaw was good, but going up and down a stepladder was slow, tiring and dangerous.   Also, it was obvious that there were trees, which had major branches that were too high to reach.

After hearing about the virtues of a battery powered pole-saw, we had a look in the local Stihl shop.  They didn’t hire battery powered ones, but had a petrol one we could hire.  So, we thought we’d give it a go!  Two half-days of work later and now it’s more like 90% done!  It was safer, quicker, and it got the high up branches we could not reach – still a pretty good work-out for the arms!    

So, another aspect to my faith journey is to trust that the right equipment and the right advice will be available to us when we need it here in Rotorua.    It’s not just about trusting in what God has made me to be, it is also about trusting what God has made others to be – regardless of whether they know or acknowledge God’s gifts or not.   Now that most of the branches are down, there’s a mountain of trimmings to tidy away, not so much fun in that.

The right tool for the job!

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  1. Ah, branches for mulch! Did I tell you before you left what I’d been learning about wood chip mulch? Check out Back to Eden, having those branches are a boon and all you need to do is chip the heck out of those babies. Talking of being given what you need, once I learned about wood mulch I felt that the pile that had been dumped at the garden were a gift along those lines.


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