First world problems

  • Having no dog proof fencing so Xara has to stay on a leash all the time.  She’s a spoilt dog (more spoilt than usual) at the moment as she sleeps inside.  This means, if she has to go to the toilet, outside, in the middle of the night, one of us (normally Miranda) has to go out with her and freeze while she relieves herself.
  • Ordering some fencing materials so Xara has some green space to use off leash and having the order checked 5 times over a period of about three working days, before the trade department of a reputable hardware store got the order sorted. Then, when delivery was loaded they didn’t have enough panels for the delivery and so the rest will have to be delivered next week – one expensive beagle we have!  
  • No internet for three whole days! 
  • Having to go to a café to use their internet (while having large trim flat white coffees).
  • Internet which is slow and regularly cuts out. No fibre here!  Have to use a slow copper line.  Its reported we’re in a hole where no cell phone tower will reach and satellite broadband is, we’re told, “very expensive”.  Actually, a very helpful tech at Vodafone gave us a loan of a modem which connects to a tower to try and its not bad.
  • One bar, or no cell phone coverage, so have to go to certain places in the house if you want to make a call.  Hello, we’re only three a minute drive from the airport.  I bet they have good cell phone coverage there!
  • Having to drive for ten whole minutes to get 5 litres of petrol to keep the chainsaw happy, only to find out the pump was on pre-pay which is a pain when you only want a little bit of gas.
  • The fan part of the fan-bake oven has broken down, so it’s a bit slower to heat up.  Still bakes yummy bread and other things though.
  • One of the tilting doors on the double garage is broken and the other one only works sometimes.

Sigh – nothing remotely meaningful in this blog. Actually, we’re doing pretty well!


Kevin & Miranda.

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