If not “Economic Man” who am I?

People have said to us: ‘oh you have trees laden with grapefruit and oranges and lemons, you must set up a stall and sell them.  You can’t eat all of them yourselves; they’re an income stream for you.’

Others, noting we have a 2 bedroom unit on the side of the house, have said: ‘oh you could make a bundle from it as a bed and breakfast unit. ‘

This, along with a few weeks now with little income, and the plight of a person we met who reported being unfairly paid for work they were doing, has made me reflect a bit about who I am. 

Also, we were given a strange sort of a farewell gift, which was a book on Dementia. This discusses how we view people and raises some hugely important questions.   If someone can no longer work to earn a living, are they still a person? In the instance of the book – which Miranda is reading and telling me about – if someone can’t remember what they had for lunch, are they still a person?  

What if I choose to give fruit away to people who would appreciate it, rather than try to make money off it? Am I less of a human than someone who worked it for all they could get?  Maybe being “Relational Man” is more important for me now at this stage in my life? Maybe there’s something in here about being free to be generous?  To date, there have been a number of opportunities to give fruit away. There would be a conflict in me if I was eyeing them as a cash crop.   Maybe I’m just lazy and should get off my butt and get the fruit to market?

Through one’s early life, earning is important.  Bringing home the bacon has significance when there is a family to feed.  But, is that all I am? Can I be more than  “Economic Man”?

Now… off I go to work out a budget because Miranda starts work next week and I’m getting some part time work as well!

travel well

Kevin & Miranda

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