Observing some change?

I have noticed that I am less tied to my mobile phone.  I am not checking it repeatedly for messages and missed calls, sports events and results.  I am not constantly checking for weather predictions – actually there’s no need, because just by looking out one window or another you can see what the weather is going to do next.  I leave my phone behind when I am in the garden or walking Xara, so I don’t always know what time it is and I don’t have a check on how many steps I have done in the day.  The number of games of solitaire I play on it has reduced as well.    

What’s going on? Over the last six months before leaving Howick, it was all go on multiple fronts.  I was: getting people in to do small “do up” jobs around the house, in conversations with Real Estate agents, trying to finish well at Howick Presbyterian and also with the people I had developed relationships with over the time we were there.  I was always waiting for someone to get back to me, or finding out about one thing or another.  Because of the busyness and stress, I always felt I had to keep doing things. I felt on edge.   The worst was slipping into checking my phone while at dinner with friends.  This is something I hate others doing and which Miranda got cross about!  Actually, if I’m honest with myself, although it got worse in the first half of this year, it had been with me for some time.

Now that some pressure has reduced and the lifestyle changed, I do believe that, initially anyway, there has been an improvement. I am less addicted to my phone (Miranda scoffs).  Its not perfect (I have checked cricinfo for cricket updates while writing this) but it is better.   

Other noticed differences, less sleeps in the afternoon, even though I’m doing more physical work and am more physically tired.  Going to bed earlier and sometimes sleeping all the way through the night.  Being a little out of town means stopping at a cafe is becoming more of a treat than a regular habit.  I’d like to say I’ve reduced my coffee intake, but that would be going too far!!!

This week: Miranda has nearly completed her first week back into Social Work.  In between the rain storms I have been constructing fencing to create a space for Xara to have some off leash space.

Photo is one example of a burst of colour all over the section – stunning.

Magnolia somethingoranotheraflora

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  1. Great to hear your change in lifestyle however I am sure come Rugby WC you may glance at your phone!!
    No need to worry about the Warriors – there’s aways “next year”! However the Ashes has provided some amazing action with the new “English” speedster Archer knocking the Ozzies over.
    Golf has been a trial in this weather, tried a couple of weeks ago but wind and rain don’t help a rusty swing at the best of times….
    BTW I think the latin name for the beautiful magnolia is “nicefloweriticus” (Wikipedia).


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