Ian Brown farmed in Western Southland, near to the quaintly named Cosy Nook, between Riverton and Tuatapere.  Ian was one of the intital Trustees for the Youth Trust I worked for in Tuatapere.  He had dogged determination and a dry sense of humour fashionned through many a day of farming in bad weather.  I remember him most of all for being completely supportive of who you were and what you wanted to achieve. He also loved to work with steel and one day he made a boot stand for us.  This boot stand has not really had a good home for many years and there has not been so much need for it, but now it has a perfect place in our carport and is very handy.   

Pauline Boyes was a true Howickian living her whole life in, or near Howick. A Pharmacist by trade, she owned her own Pharmacy at a time when that was unusual for a woman.  Although Pauline never married and her siblings moved away, she had a family within the Church and would keep a watchfiul eye on children and youth as they progressed.  I most remember Pauline as someone who had a gift of faith.  She simply believed God had good plans for those she met and so she engendered hope.  Pauline had a great, old, peach tree.  The last Autumn she spent in her home before moving into a retirement village we were blessed to get some of the harvest.  I planted one of the stones and it came up.  It has been sitting in a pot, waiting to fill a spot where there was a gap in an orchard.

Doug Matheson’s funeral was just last week.  Doug was a someone who never stopped enquiring about life. Even to the age of 94 he was encountering aspects of life as if they were fresh and new. A lasting visual reminder of Doug lives on in our garden in Rotorua.  Doug grew amazing stalks of rhubarb.  One winter, Doug gave me a root of this rhubarb which he had divided off.  I believe that over the years, as I have divided it off, it has gone to half a dozen or more different homes.  When I see the rhubarb, as well as remembering Doug, I’ll be reminded of the power of sharing and the importance of being generous.

A boot-rack, a fruit tree and a rhubarb plant.  Reminders of people who have impacted my life and of what they have left planted in my life.

Ngā mihi nui

Kevin tenance_��9��

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