The practice of thankfulness is a part of both the phenomenon of Mindfulness and practices in Christian faith.  Each night I try to think of three things I (Kevin) am thankful for from the day.  Usually I fall asleep somewhere between one and two, but at least the intent is there.  Here are some things we have noted recently and are thankful for.  

There were some things which were expected in moving to Rotorua.  At least 20 cents a litre less for petrol was one.  Last week when the news reported petrol prices jumping up overnight, most prices remained pretty much the same.  Also, when traffic’s heavy for Miranda to get to work, it maybe takes 12 minutes not 10 to get there.  There is a petition circulating, calling for the road to be widened.  Such traffic congestion is unacceptable! 

There are things which have been more unexpected.  When we booked the materials for a perimeter fence to close off an area so Xara could have a place to go off leash, after four of the team at the trade centre had all attempted to get their heads around the job so we could be sure we had all we needed, we held our breath to ask about how much the delivery would be? $40.00!  To get a delivery from the local hardware store to our home in Auckland (1500 metres) cost a minimum of $70.00, but here the charge was $40.00 to deliver 14km’s!   Then, when they realised they were a panel short, they delivered anyway and brought the last piece out another day – no extra cost.

Recently, we decided to go with a self-propelled lawnmower rather than a ride-on, or paying a contractor to mow the lawns for us.  Once a beast of a machine was decided on, the question was, how will it get to our place? It was far too big for the boot of our car.  I broached it with the lawn-mower shop owner, who said, ‘we’re heading out your way on Saturday, we’ll drop it round and give you a demo’ – no cost!

We also attended our first live show, a matinee one a Sunday.  It was something worthy of $80.00 per person in Auckland, but it was $25.00 each.  Parking was free, the only extra costs was for fish and chips on the way home.   

Lastly, there’s no worry finding a post-box to post snail mail into.  Being on rural delivery, they pick up our mail for delivery – and they are out here 6 days a week!  

It’s not all plain sailing.  The first time Xara was let loose in her off leash zone

 she got out and went to say hello to some pig dogs next door.  Also, this week we have experienced just how severe a cold blast from the south-west feels and things still seem to take longer than expected.  However, right now we’re feeling very thankful.

Nga mihi nui

Kevin & Miranda.

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