I have not run out of ideas nor energy for blogs, but have been very busy over recent days and tired at nights, so have been a bit blog-quiet over October.

Something, has been on my mind which is time specific, so needs to be done now. With Labour Weekend coming, an old adage has been on my mind.  “Labour weekend is when you plant your vege garden”.  Some people are quite emphatic about it and the garden stores play on it.  However, in the same places where “plant your vege garden on Labour Weekend” is heard, there is another view.  If you do, then a lot of your veges are ripening in January when watering is needed, pests are most active and, often people are away on holiday, so lots of veg is wasted.  

Certainly, planting on Labour Weekend has some merit.  In places where gardens are put to bed and rested over winter, then it would be a good plan to get the garden ready for seed and seedling planting, this weekend.  I like the idea of not pushing the ground too hard and giving it time to rest.  Also, some of the things which I planted a while ago have not done well.  I have corn up, but its not growing very fast.  If I plant some this weekend it might be ready at about the same time as what was planted a month ago.

Some things you might not yet plant because the weather is not warm enough.  It angers me, leading to a rant every year, that plant shops have tomato and pepper seedlings on sale right through October.  I still think its too cold for these to really grow well outside, and so, mid-November might be better.  Also, if you work to the “Labour Weekend rule”, then you don’t grow your own garlic, yams, and other plants which are planted in winter.  So, the “Labour Weekend rule” is arbitrary and, for some plantings, unhelpful.

Reflecting on arbitrary/ absolute views in life, I wonder, if people who live by a set of arbitrary views do so as a way of putting boundaries around life (like separating winter from summer)?  Living by a set of rules can simplify life, making it easier to be clear on what is right and wrong, and helping with decisions.  We can hold hard views on such things as abortion, euthanasia, care of the elderly, race, immigration, employment and sexuality.  

I have some things which I am quite arbitrary about. However, in a recent conversation a person was very strong on an issue which I saw quite differently.  While I was quietly formulating a response to their view, they carried on talking and told some of their story which led to their hard-line.  This helped understanding.

Certainly, we can’t go through life without some core views.  Maybe one of those might be that we should not hold onto those things we regard as absolute too tightly?  Maybe, everything needs to be open to question – but that’s being arbitrary.

Go the All Blacks!


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