I am not a great believer in what might be called providence.  At a wedding one might hear word’s like: “what a blessing it is to have a fine day for our wedding”.  What does that mean for a couple who happened to have rain on theirs? Are they cursed?  When one family is praying for a fine day in summer, another will probably be praying for rain for their dry farmland.

A classic example of this happened recently.  When searching for the lost goat (previous blog) I got talking to a neighbour about a fire they had lit and found out, that regardless of the weather conditions, at this time of the year you have to get a permit to light a fire.  I wanted to burn a whole lot of branch prunings which had been left by the previous owner (too much for mulching).  So, I duly got a fire permit and on the day I set aside to have a burn off, the weather was absolutely still.  Even in the middle of the afternoon, there was only the slightest breeze.  It has been a typically windy spring season, so, although it was a very hot day for working near a fire, the conditions were perfect.  By the end of the day it was done!  The fire burned hot and clean.  The only smoke was created when Miranda threw some damp material on it late in the afternoon as a welcome home present for our neighbours.

Now, we were very thankful for the gap in the weather to get this job done, however, was I being especially provided for? Was I being blessed? The reason for the unnaturally hot weather was because the weather flow was coming across from Australia.  What has been/ is the big issue for New south Wales and Queensland? Out of control fires, fuelled by unusually hot weather. So, if I am blessed, are they cursed? Does God love me, but not Australians? Does God hear my spoken, or unspoken prayers but ignore theirs? You get the point.  I don’t have a resolution for this issue.

The hot embers took days to cool.  I would rake them over in the evenings and it would be red hot underneath.  Now the paddock has three sheep in it who arrived yesterday.  I am very happy that the fire was completed before they arrived.  Apart from one incident when the goats got into the chook-shed and did some damage, all is calm with them too. 


Kevin & Miranda. “


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  1. Glad he sheep have arrived and all seems to be better with the goats. Looking forward to seeing all these and other progress. Love Jane x


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