Bok Choy/ Pak Choi Joy,

New Year greetings!  We hope you have had a good Christmas and are now enjoying a bit of a holiday!

We’ve been thinking about the last year and what changes have occurred for us.  When we set out on holiday a year ago, our minds were pretty much made up that 2019 was the year for us to move.  The question was: at what point in the year?  As we travelled we spoke with different family members.  Some were chance meetings with people we’d not seen for years.  Some, had already made the choice to move themselves to what might have been unexpected places and to unexpected things; some were in the midst of doing so.  Although, we’d been planning on this for a while, the process was not going to be easy, and the timing would not be ideal.  However, one message came through loud and clear: ‘you can’t put your life on hold while you wait for it to be the right time. If its time for you, then do it!’ When we returned from holiday, we set into motion the plan to move in the middle of the year. 

An image sums up our experience, especially in the last six months.  A few days ago I went out to weed around some beetroot plants. Before planting them I had cleared out one of the compost bins and had mixed the compost into the area for planting.  Now there was a mat of weeds which were rapidly overtaking the beetroot.  However, when we looked more closely they were not weeds but small Bok Choy (Chinese Cabbage) plants. The seeds were in the compost, just waiting for the right moment to germinate.  I got a container and in no time, filled it and we had a surprise Bok Choi micro-green feast at lunch time.  What we didn’t eat, Percy the pig devoured. 

This to me sums up, at least a portion of this year.  It has been full of the unexpected.  The place we moved to has been steadily revealing itself to us, and often there have been unexpected surprises along the way.  The Rotorua region has also been like this for us, as we see different things we hadn’t noticed before.  The relationships we are forming and re-forming also have aspects of surprise and delight. 

We were married in Rotorua many years ago and since then have lived in seven different cities or towns.  This is not to say anything negative about any of the places we’ve lived in between.  It is also not to say that its all easy going.  It is, to say that we are in a time and space where we can appreciate and enjoy the provision and be staggered at the difference this move had made in our lives.

Keep safe, and have a good 2020!

Kevin & Miranda.  


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