Initially it was toilet paper and Panadol which were bought up and so were temporarily out of stock in supermarkets. Doing last week’s shop, I paused opposite the flour shelf and a complete stranger stood in-front of me and wanted to have a fight over the last packet of plain white flour.  She had seen that fighting in the isles was fashionable in other places and (jokingly) thought it would be fun to have a bit of a scene in the baking isle.  I was getting wholemeal flour, so she didn’t need to fight me for the last plain flour.  Rotorua is a very laid back place, so it was all for fun, however complete strangers starting conversations with you – that is a Rotorua thing!  Here panic buying means there is a line of more than two people waiting at the check-out.  Doing the normal Monday shop, yesterday, before the four-week lock-down announcement, I noted that breakfast cereal was low and – there was absolutely no wheat flour on the shelves of any kind!  It was the same at another supermarket I called in to on the way home. 

I’m not wanting to make light of the situation.  I’m sure you are all good citizens and aren’t panic buying. However, it got me wondering, what people who read this blog, might be quietly hoarding away?    Or, what might you have a fight in the isle over if it came to who got the last one? Would it be toilet paper? Miranda, unashamedly admits it to be crunchy peanut butter and her favourite brand of tea.  For me, it might be coffee? Maybe, for some, its chocolate? I was surprised to see how full the chocolate shelves were.  Maybe it’s a favourite wine, cider or beer?  ‘Fess up, what is it?  Maybe you can post a comment to this blog, or send a message?

Actually, the real reason for posting, at this time, is because I feel inside me a desire to connect with others. 

You are in our thoughts and prayers. Take care.

Kia kaha koutou (be strong everyone)

Arohanui (love to all)

Kevin & Miranda

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  1. Hey K & M, we’ve been out to stock up on vege seedlings and other plants to treat the garden while we’re in lockdown. No hoarding, just getting set for lots of free time! K & B 😊


  2. My panic buy is….. cat food!! I know!! I know!!! But I couldn’t bear it if our beautiful old boy didn’t have food! So I’ve squirrelled away a good dozen cans of cat food in the pantry 🥺


    1. Hi Louise, Yes, the animals in our care are so dependent on us! I’ve been for a trip into town to get dog buiscuits – the type Xara always has, and stocked up on cat buisuits. We’ve got food for pig and goats for a month… then…? take care K & M.


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