The sounds of lock-down.

Children happily playing outside in the middle of a week day.

Extended periods of time without hearing traffic on the road or planes overhead.

Leaf-blowers and lawn mowers.

People starting projects.

Neighbours talking to neighbours.

Piwakawaka/ fantail chirping as they flit from branch to branch.

Inside – Lots of text alerts going off with people keeping in contact.

Actually, lots and lots of quietness.  I enjoy the quiet.  How are you with quietness? 

Today was ok for us, keeping busy, not a problem.  Miranda told someone who called, that it felt like summer holiday’s (except she did 5-6 hours of work).

Lock-down day 1 completed!


Kevin & Miranda. ��;}*�

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  1. Very quiet in our part of the world, not a sound to be heard except bird song and the tinkling of water from our stream. I’m working from home too, I have everything I need to be effective so I’m happy!!! Except the cat is a big barrier, wants to sleep on the keyboard! 🥰


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