Someone, somewhere has said that it takes four weeks to form a good habit.  Our initial instruction was that this “lock-down” is for four weeks (for starters).  This leaves me wondering what new positive habits might stick after we are allowed to go back to normality?  I remember a comment in a class on Spiritual Practices that sometimes practices which become important to us can almost be developed unconsciously.  It is only as we look back that we realise how significant they have become. 

What might some new habits or practices be? Although the intensity might ease, there might be an increase in the frequency and quality of our connections with family and friends via different platforms of communications.  Certainly, my phone has been very busy with people keeping in contact via texts, e-mails, whatsapp and messenger. 

Maybe, another practice which might stick, is that there might be a realization of how much work people can do from home and a greater flexibility in the ways we work might develop.  We’ve not been really into meetings via video conferencing, but this week has seen us both improve our competencies there. 

The immense decrease in the traffic on our roads has made our place so much more peaceful!  I even walked the rubbish bin down the driveway, (approx. 150 meters) rather than putting it in the boot and driving it down.  Maybe, a more considered approach to using our cars might last in some ways?

Maybe, neighbourliness will remain at a higher level.  Out walking Xara, there are signs up on people’s lawns like “have a good day”, or a “good walk”.   There was an assortment of bears and Sesame St soft toys on a gate to cheer people up.  I think that’s a bit of a thing all over the place?  One person has a pin-board up on their fence with, the date and number of days we’ve been in isolation and some funnies on it. I’ll attach a couple of pictures of what was up today.  People are being especially polite.  The only issue was with one dog who wasn’t on its leash and wouldn’t obey its owner to leave Miranda and Xara alone.  Of course she, couldn’t come close to Miranda to physically take the dog back and so, there was an awkward moment while the dog exercised it’s free will. 

Here are some other thoughts…  Naturally, there is an increase in the number of people out walking and biking.  Maybe, new exercise patterns will emerge? We’re maybe choosing to go to the supermarket less frequently.  Might we choose long term to plan our meals better and continue to shop less regularly?  We can’t shop for non-essentials and even internet purchases are being discouraged.  Over-all, maybe our shopping habits might be forever changed after this time. Maybe, we’ll have a think about the whole way we use money?

I’m not being flippant or minimising the seriousness of what is happening, but so far, for us this time is enjoyable.  We’re enjoying our space.  One niggling thought is that by the end of this, we’ll be so well set up for our first full winter here that we will have set a very high expectation for other years.

Anyway: keep strong, be creative and give extra care to each other.

Kevin & Miranda


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