We Pray for ourselves and those around us.

The last blog was very up-beat.  It might have felt a bit trivial and like I was not really treating this time seriously.  Truly, the early stages of this isolation period felt quite exciting and I was up-beat about it.  However, I’m not callous to the struggles of people, or naïve of what might be to come. 

I thought I’d share a piece of a prayer which we put together for last Sunday.  We prepared a 35 minute service, which was uploaded and a link sent to people in the Reporoa area to view, either on Sunday at the usual service time, or whenever they could (I can send the link if anyone would like it, just let me know).  This is nothing unusual.  Many Churches are doing the same or similar things to continue their ministries.

I’m sure those of you who prepared prayers for last Sunday also put together thoughtfully worded petitions.  Even if you’re not a person of prayer, I think you will resonate with the essentials of the concerns this expresses.  The intent of it is not as a prayer for “others”, as we are all going through the same sorts of things.

… We pray for ourselves and those around us.

We pray for the caregivers – of the old and young.  We ask for extra patience and gentleness in the care, which is given.

We lift up friends and families with extra things to juggle.  Working from home and looking after family members.  We pray for creativity in work and play.

In the bubbles people are in, we pray: help there to be consideration, placing others first.  We pray against rough, aggressive, violent behaviour.  Help us all to control our tongues and be kind in the things we say. 

We pray for those who are continuing to work, often in fearfulness.  We are thankful for their efforts and skills.  We pray for a calm spirit, protection from harm and that they be provided with all the support they need.

We pray for the sick.  Walk with them in their journey and hold them close.  We pray for healing for those we know who need your special touch.

We pray for Jacinda Ardern and all those who lead the response within this country.  We pray that they be given strength to persevere, and courage to continue to respond decisively to the changing landscape.  We pray for their advisors as well, that he council they give would be based out of sound information and give clear guidance.

We say the Lord’s Prayer together

Our Father…


Kevin & Miranda

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