Update and closure.

Greetings all,

When lockdown began a flurry of blogs flowed. For a while, I feared I might continue with several times a week, but then it stopped and there hasn’t been a blog for ages. What’s been happening? Miranda and I worked from home. My ministry carried on supplying services via video links each week and keeping in communication with people in the community. I was also asked to work mornings picking feijoas on a local orchard because they usually had overseas people pick, but they’d all gone home. Doing both and trying to do a bit on the section proved to be all I could manage. Miranda also worked from home. It was different adjusting to the lockdown working for families. Now its good to be back into more normal routines with work.

This week marks one year since we finished in Howick. July the 4th will be our anniversary of arriving here. We are settled. It feels like there’s now not so much new news or reflections coming along. It’s been good to be able to use this blog as a way to share our jounrey, but a year on and it seems like a good time to finish. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Oooh, I feel a little grief – yes, a “feeling”.

You can always contact us via e-mail finfam01@gmail.com

Aroha nui

Kevin & Miranda.

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