Perspectives. A couple of weeks ago we got our first colony of bees! They settled quickly and got on with exploring the area for good flowers.  They especially seem to enjoy the poppy flowers which have self-seeded everywhere.  Hmmm opium honey, that might prove popular? We checked the hive for the first time over the […]


Providence. I am not a great believer in what might be called providence.  At a wedding one might hear word’s like: “what a blessing it is to have a fine day for our wedding”.  What does that mean for a couple who happened to have rain on theirs? Are they cursed?  When one family is […]


The practice of thankfulness is a part of both the phenomenon of Mindfulness and practices in Christian faith.  Each night I try to think of three things I (Kevin) am thankful for from the day.  Usually I fall asleep somewhere between one and two, but at least the intent is there.  Here are some things […]


I want to treat a serious issue in a somewhat humorous way.  Early on in our stay here we took out a good number of big overhanging branches and even a few trees.  This is not on the scale of forest fires in Brazil, but chopping trees down is a bad thing, alongside driving a […]